Our track site includes 1,200 feet of 7-1/4”
gauge ground level track running through field and forest.

On certain steaming days, we offer free rides to the public.

We also have 435 feet of multi-gauge elevated track which can accommodate
3-1/2”, 4-3/4”, and 5” gauge trains and several grand children.


As for steaming, we own a coal fired 3-1/2” gauge Hudson (4-6-4) steam locomotive
for members use, so you don‘t have to build your own to join in the fun!

She has been fitted with a new boiler, so needs some cosmetic work
to make her look like new again.

The latest addition to the FSME motive power is an gas/hydraulic diesel named 'Brian'
which was commissioned September 23, 2016. 
At the 2019 Battersea Pumpkin Festival, 'Brian' pulled four club riding cars with 28 passengers
(plus engineer and conductor) 
An aerial view of FSME tracks from 2014 before the ground line was completed.
 An aerial view of FSME tracks during the 2019 Battersea Pumpkin Festival.